Many attractive experiences at Bac Ha Autumn Festival

Bac Ha Autumn Festival 2022 will take place from September 16 to 18 at Hoang A Tuong mansion (Bac Ha town) with many unique traditional cultural and artistic activities, attracting a large number of visitors to come and experience.

In the space of Hoang A Tuong residence, the Bac Ha Autumn Festival took place traditional cultural and artistic activities, introducing the unique cultural heritage of musical instruments in the lives of ethnic minorities.

Many unique cultural and artistic activities take place at Hoang A Tuong mansion

Folk artists and amateur actors from shock art teams of villages and hamlets in Bac Ha district have brought special performances such as dancing, singing, performing dan dan, playing gongs, trumpets, buying slug money, spreading solidarity...

Cultural performances imbued with national identity attract tourists

In the framework of the Bac Ha autumn event series, there are also activities to demonstrate traditional handicrafts of ethnic minorities in Bac Ha district such as forging and casting, cooking corn wine, embroidering - weaving brocade ... and painting exhibition "Scent of highland".

In addition, visitors can also enjoy the traditional culinary culture of Bac Ha through the special dishes of the Tay, Mong, Dao, and Nung ethnic groups in the area and products from the nuggets of Ta Chai commune.

Tourists visit Hoang A Tuong's mansion and experience the traditional culture of Mong ethnic people in Bac Ha district
According to LCDT

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